POS Receipt Printers – Thermal And Dot Matrix

Today’s modern retailers that work with Point of Sale (POS) systems have two options when it comes to receipt printers- thermal receipt printers and dot matrix printers.

Both types of printers have their place in the retail environment, but it’s up to the retailer to decide on what type of receipt printer to use for his business.

Each type of receipt printer comes with its share of features and capabilities, so a careful reading of what’s available and best features is necessary to make an informed buying decision.

What Makes Dot Matrix Printer A Better Choice For Retail?

Cost-wise, dot matrix printers for POS are an obvious choice. And even though price may vary between models and product lines, dot matrix printers are still deemed cheaper compared to the more modern thermal receipt printers. Also, dot matrix printers are better performers when it comes to printing multiple copies.

Traditionally, these printers offer harder impressions on the receipts, thus making it easier for customers to read the contents of the receipts and to make multiple copies. The print quality will also help improve customer experience since there will be fewer incidence of complaints or questions due to indecipherable or blurred texts or numbers.

What About Advantages Of Thermal Printers For Retail?

For established and independent retailers, the obvious choice is a thermal printer for POS. These types of printers are faster and quieter compared to popular dot matrix printers. Some of the leading models of thermal printers can print 20 lines per second, compared to a ‘low’ 3 per line average for dot matrix.

Also, thermal printers including Posiflex, Aura Thermal Receipt Printer, USB Interface and Epson Thermal, USB Interface operate with less noise. And while noise isn’t much a factor for retailers who just want printed receipts as needed, this feature becomes extra helpful in retail environments where extreme noises are unwanted.

For example, these types of receipt printers are ideal in high-end restaurants and boutiques where conversations and ambiance are critical. Thermal printers are built to last and have fewer moving parts, thus you can expect fewer break-downs compared to dot matrix with a number of moving parts.

Just like other POS hardware types, receipt-printing technologies come in many forms and offer different features. But if you are looking for a faster, convenient and modern approach to printing receipts, then you can’t go wrong with thermal receipt printers for POS systems.

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