Choosing a Retail POS System Bundle for Your Business

We have different types of retail POS system bundles available for retail stores so you have the benefit of choosing only what you need.

The type of bundle you require will depend upon several factors. The size of your store, number of checkout lanes, and type of business will have to be used to choose the correct bundle.

SMB Retailer POS System

A basic bundle is suited for small business owners when you require one or two POS system registers for your business. You can choose from several options, including both stand-alone and server bundles.

You will want to consider the server option when you intend to add more POS system registers in the future. The server option bundle is available with either one or two POS system registers.

Multi-store, Wholesale, and Franchise OS System

For larger business operations, you can explore options for retail POS system bundles that bundle together three or more POS systems.

You can also find multi-retail store solutions, you can implement as your business grows.

Multi-retail store solutions are designed to tie together your corporate office with your warehouse, and every single retail store location. This type of system allows you to pull data in a variety of ways from each of your locations.

You could pull data from each location, to see inventory levels, customers, and sales, and look at it individually by location, or combine it all into a centralized report.

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