Capturing the Millennial Market with NCR Counterpoint Mobile POS

Nowadays, most business owners view millennials as the driving force behind a majority of their sales, so it requires them to utilize a number of different marketing techniques to grab this new generation of shoppers.

Merchants who want to target this group should invest in mobile commerce as the Gen-Y market segment has the largest percentage of smartphone users.

It is important to establish an efficient digital engagement strategy in order to stay ahead of the market and meet the ever-changing demands of these specific consumers. Here’s how you can exceed their expectations with NCR Counterpoint’s mobile POS.

Mobile commerce is a mandatory element of providing a seamless shopping experience for customers. This eCommerce approach can allow customers to access your store by way of a mobile-optimized website or a custom built mobile app.

In today’s society, it is common to see most individuals within the 18-34 age range to be glued to their mobile devices, so it is important to provide them with convenience and ease of access and navigation of your products.

Millennials often prefer to make transactions by phone and pay while they are in the aisle to avoid having to wait in line at the cash register. They are more likely to purchase when an item is put right in front of them and easily accessible to buy.

For millennials, cash is becoming obsolete, as they are now requesting new payment options that permit them to avoid paying with traditional credit cards and that offer a more customized experience.

Although credit cards are currently the most widely used method of payment, other mobile payment methods such as e-wallets are becoming more popular for this new generation.

According to a recent survey by Bankrate, approximately 63% of millennials don’t own a credit card due to their lack of trust in credit card companies. This large percentage demonstrates the need to offer additional mobile and card-free payment options.

Additionally, offering customers the ability to connect with your company via social media through their mobile devices plays a large part influencing customers to visit your store.

By using social media platforms, retailers have shifted from traditional advertising and sales techniques in order to drive customer engagement and attract new customers. In the last few months, merchants have added “selling” to the list of functionalities they can do on social sites.

Recently, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have added “buy” buttons along with the launch of Curalate’s Like2Buy platform on Instagram. By participating in this social shopping trend, you can eliminate the transition from one channel to the next and purchases will be completed quicker and easier.

Millennials have high expectations for their shopping experiences and demand it be interactive and offered across all digital channels.

To capture this Gen-Y market, it is essential to offer convenient mobile technology such as NCR Counterpoint POS in order to deliver a seamless shopping experience. Additionally, by meeting the needs of this new generation you can build traffic, sales, and loyalty for your business.

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