BOGO Pricing – The Unique Integrated Module By NCR Counterpoint That Your Business Needs

The dream of any retail business owner is for his/her business to prosper in all aspects. For this to happen, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty play a key role and that’s what most retail businesses understand. However, implementing customer loyalty programs can be complex and need to be strategic to achieve valuable results for businesses worldwide.

Retail businesses around the globe are using unique marketing tactics with the help of experts and professionals or advanced sales-boosting financial software. Both of these implementations sound easy for any retail business but are highly complex and can be problematic if the timing is poor or cuts too deep into profitability.

Not every business can sustain a marketing department or maybe an inventory management department that would help in applying these loyalty-based offers. Enter NCR Counterpoint, the perfect solution for your business needs.

Introducing the BOGO module by NCR Counterpoint

Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) offer are perhaps one of the oldest yet most useful strategies that enable increased revenue at a slightly deducted profit margin. Businesses all around the planet have been using BOGO offers for centuries, however, it’s important to know that implementing BOGO offers has started to become harder and harder for large scale businesses. With increased inventory and location-based outlets for large scale retail businesses, it can be challenging to implement such an offer that guarantees customer loyalty.

With NCR Counterpoint’s integrated BOGO pricing module, businesses around the world can now implement buy one get one free offer without any hassle. Apply a BOGO offer over a single product range, complete product category, or even a sub-category in just a single click. You can also apply BOGO offers to a custom price sheet and mix and match price groups to streamline revenue flow through customer loyalty and offer based sales.

Counterpoint also offer stepped pricing features such as buy two shirts for $10 and get the third one for $5. You can choose from a bunch of different pricing modules to choose your preferred BOGO offer.

Why Go For Counterpoint’s BOGO Module?

With easy usage and BOGO based implementation in just a few taps in the module, this is the perfect way to enable custom system-wide pricing strategies while enabling you to save on added expenses and manpower.

The BOGO module applies to a diverse range of retail industries making it one of the most widely used features in the renowned POS system. With a guaranteed revenue flow strategy, BOGO can help you streamline an entirely new revenue stream for your business consisting of sales-focused loyal customers. Get your hands on the NCR counterpoint today by contacting POS Highway!

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