Best Management Tools for Grocery Stores

Running a grocery store and a supermarket requires great attention to details, smart planning and scheduling and of course a good grasp of the best management practices. A grocery store is a different enterprise compared to other retail stores since it hosts a critical combination of massive sales and a regular inventory composed primarily of perishable items. Wrong management decisions and inappropriate technological investments can slow down sales and in the process affect your company’s bottom-line. If you run a grocery store or a supermarket, it pays to invest in the right management tools and strategies. One tested way is to automate your grocery business using a Point of Sale (POS) for grocery and supermarket chains.

The POS for supermarket and groceries are known as ‘checkout counters’ where shoppers will bring their baskets full of grocery items and a place where items are scanned recorded and the total cost will be computed. And to show a record of the sales transaction, a receipt will be printed out. But not all POS systems can work for groceries and supermarkets. When you want the best result for your POS for grocery, it’s best to focus on the system that is strong on POS, payroll and inventory management

Top Features to Watch Out for In a POS

Aside from the capability to scan bar codes and compute for total cost, there are some top features that are best seen in the POS for your grocery store.

Sell per unit weight- This is a feature that is integrated with the scales on the checkout. A code for the item will be entered into the system before weighing the item or produce. The POS system will compute for the price and a receipt will be printed showing unit cost, weight and cost.

Cash drawer management-This feature can help support two-cashier drawer counting. This feature will allow a cashier to take charge of a counted cash drawer when he starts his shift. This feature can work on a grocery that maintains at least two shifts daily.

Promo pricing- If your grocery store normally offers promotional pricing for selected items, then this feature can work. This will allow automatic changing of the prices on a certain date or time.

Code verification and look-up-There are some grocery items that are not usually labeled including bulk items and fresh produce. This feature will help the cashier look for the correct code for certain items. In some systems, the codes will come with corresponding images to easily match the code with items.

These are just some of the basics when it comes to top features you should prioritize for your POS for a grocery business. To confidently select the best package, its best to pay attention to the unique requirements of your business and customize the POS to your advantage.

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