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Point of sale systems are ubiquitous today. Restaurants, retail stores, online merchants, and even independent vendors all use them. Why? POS systems reduce labor costs, improve transaction accuracy, and allow merchants to integrate many features into one customer relationship management (CRM) package.

For example, they enable gift and loyalty cards and facilitate personalized advertising. The bottom line is that POS systems are critical. In the fast-paced retail world, you need to be able to process quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Because POS is so important, it makes sense that a business does not have a hard time balancing cost and service. What’s the right price to pay for POS? How many features should your business be getting for its money? What makes the most sense for your staff and customers? These are all pressing questions for merchants. The good news is that affordable POS systems are becoming more accessible. Even the technology that powers high-end systems is becoming more common, so small businesses can have access to powerful hardware and software without enormous start-up costs.

Big distributors are finding it harder and harder to charge you unaffordable prices for their systems. Business owners also need to consider whether they want to buy POS systems on their own or as part of a package from a payment processing company.

If you buy your own POS, you’ll have to pay up front for your system, and you’ll need to pay a company to process your transactions. If you buy a package from a processing company, you’ll often find yourself locked into contracts

NCR CounterPoint POS Software makes it Easier to Run Your Business

Available here at POS Highway, NCR CounterPoint POS is so much more than just a point of sale software.

With solutions to enable touchscreen point of sale, inventory management, purchase order processing, and customer loyalty tracking, just to mention a few, NCR CounterPoint Software combines all of the functionality required to manage your retail, wholesale and internet business allowing you to spend less time on paperwork and more time maximizing your profit.

View NCR CounterPoint Feature List or Download CounterPoint POS Software Brochure now to see what your business is missing.


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