7 Things To Look For In A POS Bundle

Getting a point-of-sales system is a great idea for most business owners. However, it is not a move anyone ought to make without first learning what to look for in a POS system or bundle. After all, business owners must make sure that the POS bundle they end up with is one that is easy to install and use. Also, they must ensure that customers are able to use the POS system without even really knowing that they are doing so. A quality POS system is one that runs seamlessly, quiet, and hidden in the background.

When the time comes for your business to improve its operations by getting a POS bundle, these are the features you should consider.

Computer and Hardware
Your computer needs to have a powerful processor, at least a 30 GB hard drive, 4 GB RAM, and enough ports to handle all of the cash registers you will be running at that location. Additionally, make sure the central computer has at least three USB ports and half a dozen RJ Serials.

Cash Registers
Cash registers need a monitor and drawer. Also, it needs to be able to connect easily to its scanner, the central computer, and receipt printer.

These scan your products. Perhaps the most popular scanners used these days are hand held.

Receipt Printers
Not all receipt printers are created equal. If cost and ease of use are important to you go with a thermal printer since it does not use ink and, therefore, never needs to have its ink replaced.

One of the most important components to a POS system is the software that runs it. When comparing POS providers, you ought to give extra weight to those that make use of POS software that has a proven track record and that have earned plenty of positive customer reviews.

There is a good chance you will not be buying the software. Instead you will lease it. Find out what the license agreement is before making your choice.

The three main types of support you should consider are set up, the initial training of your staff, and ongoing technical support.

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