6 Ideas To Start Growing Your Email List Offline

Every experienced business owner today knows just how important it is to grow your own email list. After all, almost everyone these days checks their inboxes daily. This is how you’ll be able to reach your customers, inform them of updates and promos, and keep in touch regularly.

Well, if you’re wondering how you can build an email list through your offline marketing efforts or perhaps straight from your brick and mortar shop, here are 6 ideas that can help you:

Exclusive Offers

It’s natural for your store visitors to want to be part of a list that would allow them to enjoy exclusive offers. Let’s say you are selling beautiful home décor items that they absolutely love but find the prices a bit steep. Wouldn’t it be great to ask for people’s email addresses in exchange for private and limited discounts, promos, and freebies? Surely many will willingly provide their emails for such offers.

Instant Discounts

Imagine yourself eating at a restaurant and being offered an on-the-spot discount in exchange for giving your email. More often than not, such an offer would pleasantly surprise customers and get them excited. Many will surely find no harm in giving their email ads, especially if they enjoyed dining there.

Event Sign-Ups

It’s always beneficial to sponsor or host events, or simply participate in trade fairs and bazaars. This will give you great exposure and enable you to connect with your target audience directly. Not only will you be able to promote your goods and services, but you can ask for email addresses from those who inquire at your booth or participate in the activities you conduct. And if you’re the organizer or host, you can ask all attendees to fill up a simple form at the entrance!


Have you ever thought about partnering with another business that’s related to yours but is not a direct competitor? For instance, if you’re running a maternity and baby store, you may want to establish tie-ups with toy shops, day care centers, and schools. If you sell business tools for offices, you should look into partnering with suppliers of office equipment. These are just examples for you to expand your network and reach out to the customers of other businesses.

Speaking Engagements

How about becoming a speaker for your niche and sharing your expertise? Let’s say you’ve been in the clothing business for a long time now. Perhaps you’re already qualified to give seminars on fashion, power dressing, and other related topics. In this way, you can ask participants to submit their email addresses. You can offer to speak for free or you may want to charge a minimal fee too.

Club Memberships

If you wish to grow your email list further, you ought to come up with interesting clubs within your business and offer exciting membership benefits. If your clubs are free and if they come with wonderful, irresistible advantages, more and more people will definitely flock toward you. The more people who sign up, the more email addresses you get and the more potential buyers you can create!

Apply these ideas to start growing your list even when you’re not online. And as your list continues to increase, the more prospective customers you’ll be able to target while also encouraging existing customers to stay loyal to you.

Furthermore, you ought to invest in a POS hardware and software that incorporates email marketing. This will allow in-store salespersons to immediately get and record emails in the counters. It will also facilitate immediate email follow-ups for upselling and cross-selling.

Email marketing has been tried and tested over the years to bring about positive results. So start acting now!

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