4 Overlooked Benefits of NCR Counterpoint POS

As retailers, sometimes we take things for granted while looking towards the future, NCR Counterpoint POS systems keeps the merchant firmly planted in the present while gearing up for the future. Here are four additional reasons and benefits obtained from the utilization of NCR Counterpoint POS:

Speedy Check-out: Being able to use bacode scanning streamlines the sales and checkout processes. Having these handheld devices helps ensure accuracy instead of having to manually input items numbers and prices. Your system can automatically ring up sale specials, tag-along items and 2-fers, etc. which saves time during the checkout process. Having your lines move quicker will help you make the entire business run more smoothly, not to mention make for a better customer experience.

Build Customer Loyalty: Customer relations management (CRM) can be one of your most profitable assets as a business owner. Most research shows that repeat customers spend more than new customers in addition to being less expensive to sell to. The trust and rapport that already exists between you and your customer are invaluable investments that have the potential to help your businesses grow significantly.

Offline Ticket Entry: A truly useful and exciting benefit to a NCR Counterpoint POS System is the ability to keep making sales through the POS whether you are connected to your internal computer system or not. You’ll be able to take NCR Counterpoint outside on a nice day and make sales in the yard and at the end of the day just plug it back into your internal computer system so that all data is updated.

Mobile POS: Somewhat of a new innovative trend, mobile NCR Counterpoint POS units bring more to the table in terms of marketing and on-floor interaction. Remember when we mentioned offline ticket entry? Imagine making those transactions in varied environments with a handheld device rather than a large system. Mobile POS units are also of help on the floor – when employees are assisting customers, a mobile POS device can alert an employee to your special deals. Normally, those special deal alerts may go to customers on your internal customer email list and if the customer being assisted isn’t on the list, they can be added right on the spot. Capturing email addresses is crucial for follow-on marketing.

NCR Counterpoint point of sale (POS) system is the most flexible, powerful, and advanced retail management software in today’s market. This software is essential for retailers who need to maintain a high level of operational efficiency at store to multi-store level and corporate headquarter level. Utilizing tight inventory control, price-optimization, customer satisfaction initiatives, vendor relationship, and employee management will accelerate many aspects of your business.

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