Getting Bad Reviews and Ratings? 4 Areas That Your Customer Service Needs Work

When customers review or recommend a business, one of the first things that they mention is the quality of the customer service. If you’ve been getting a lot of bad reviews lately, it might be time to take a look at your customer service practices and make some changes. Here are a few signs your customer service might need some work.

Poor Return Policy

Not everyone feels satisfied with the products they receive. If you offer a money-back guarantee with no questions asked, you have to honor it. Sometimes, products arrive damaged in the mail. E-commerce businesses should expect a certain percentage of returns due to carrier woes. Regardless of the reasons why a customer returns a product, you must replace or refund the order without delays. Otherwise, the customer won’t order from you again. Granted, a company can come up with restrictions on returns. Ninety days would be a more than generous cutoff time for replacements. It’s unrealistic to give customers too short of a cutoff time, however. Establish a viable return policy customers will find acceptable and stick with it.

Low-Quality Products

Customers expect their products to maintain a decent level of quality standards. Paying top-dollar for low-quality products isn’t acceptable. If a product fails consumer reviews, maybe you should remove it from the inventory. This shows concern for your customers’ safety and satisfaction. There are also other concerns. Stay on top of product recalls as they pertain to products in your store, and pull anything that has been recalled from your inventory to send back to the manufacturer. You may also want to alert customers who have purchased that product recently. Better yet, use lot tracking to better handle product recalls, refunds, and notification to customers.

Slow Service

Sometimes, employees and staff can’t move things as fast as the customer wants. If something is out of stock, the customer often has to wait. Employees often can’t control when something is out of stock, but one thing they can control is how quickly they respond to and serve customers. When understaffing or poor efficiency creates delays, the wait times become inexcusable. Customers won’t excuse them when they see competitors moving faster.

Examine how long it takes to process orders or respond to customers, and take action to fix bottlenecks. Success or failure often hinges on the speed of customer service. If the speed of your customer service proves lacking, make improvements before the business takes a nosedive. Take note of what is causing the slow service and make improvements accordingly. To motivate your employees to go faster, you might consider creating some kind of contest to see who can do things the fastest without sacrificing quality. Of course, using a quality point of sale and inventory management software can help you optimize all of these activities.

Bad Attitudes

Employees and company reps sometimes take atrocious attitudes towards employees. Rudeness chases off customers more than anything as patrons don’t like to feel disrespected and unappreciated. Pull aside employees with bad attitudes and tell them to shape up. Businesses can’t afford to suffer the consequences of an ignorant employee’s actions. If bad attitudes among your employees is a frequent problem, you may need to have a meeting with your employees to train them on better customer service tactics. Sometimes, bad attitudes stem from one toxic employee who spreads their negative feelings around to other employees. If this is the case, treat the problem at its source. Talk to the one employee about their behavior and see if that clears up the problem. If the employee continues to have a bad attitude, you may need to consider terminating them for the sake of your company.

Regardless of what’s causing it, bad customer service is something that should be looked at and taken care of quickly. Doing so will greatly help the reputation of your company. Once you identify the problem and solve it, your improved customer service will bring more happy customers to your store.

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