The Perfect POS System for Lawn and Garden Centers


Garden retailers, whether established for over a century or just starting out, often engage in a myriad of activities beyond traditional retail, including landscaping, maintenance, growing, re-wholesaling, floral, irrigation, and construction. This multifaceted nature presents significant challenges for retail technology systems integrators. While most retailers prefer a single point-of-sale (POS) system to manage their entire operation, achieving this seems daunting. However, it is indeed possible with Counterpoint POS System.

POS Highway understands the unique challenges faced by businesses in this industry, and that’s why we’ve tailored our POS system, Counterpoint, to cater specifically to the needs of lawn and garden stores.

Bundle Kits: Simplifying Complex Sales

One of the standout features of NCR Counterpoint is its robust support for bundle kits. In the lawn and garden industry, where products are often sold together as packages or kits, our system shines. With Counterpoint, you can effortlessly create bundle kits comprising multiple products or services, with the flexibility to allow substitutions within the kit. Whether it’s a combination of plants, gardening tools, or additional services like delivery and installation, Counterpoint makes it easy to package and sell them seamlessly.

Flexible Pricing: Adapting to Your Business Needs

In a business where inventory is diverse, extensive, and often perishable, pricing flexibility is key. Counterpoint offers a range of features to help you manage pricing effectively. Mix and match pricing, support for fractional quantities and weighed items, automatic station locking, and the ability to store multiple ship-to addresses streamline your operations and elevate your business to the next level of efficiency.

Item and Customer Photos: Enhancing the Checkout Experience

Visual cues are invaluable in the lawn and garden industry, where products can vary widely in appearance and characteristics. Counterpoint makes it easy for cashiers to identify plants and products with item photos and notes at the point of sale. When a product is rung up, a photo and accompanying notes can pop up, providing essential information such as special instructions, item descriptions, and more. This not only speeds up the checkout process but also ensures accuracy and enhances customer satisfaction.

Seasonal Sales: Maximizing Stock and Revenue

Timing is everything in the lawn and garden business, especially when it comes to seasonal sales. Counterpoint’s advanced reporting capabilities empower you to make informed decisions about your inventory. Generate purchasing advice reports based on factors like min/max levels, replenishment, and days of supply, ensuring that you have the right stock at the right time to meet customer demand and maximize sales opportunities.

Purchase Order Automation: Streamlining Operations

Managing purchase orders efficiently is critical to keeping your inventory well-stocked and your customers satisfied. Counterpoint offers automation features that simplify the purchase order process, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors. From generating purchase orders based on predefined criteria to streamlining vendor communications, Counterpoint takes the hassle out of inventory management, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Resilient POS Hardware: Built for the Demands of the Industry

In the unpredictable environment of a lawn and garden store, having reliable POS hardware is essential. Counterpoint offers a range of ruggedized hardware options, including water-resistant terminals, touchscreen displays, and mobile devices. With Counterpoint, you can look up items or ring up customers wherever you are on-site, even while wearing gloves. Our flexible hardware solutions ensure that you can choose the setup that best suits your needs, whether you’re in the store or out in the field.

For lawn and garden retailers looking to streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and maximize sales, Counterpoint is the ideal POS solution. With its robust features tailored specifically to the needs of the industry, Counterpoint empowers businesses to thrive in a competitive market landscape. Experience the difference for yourself and take your lawn and garden store to new heights with Counterpoint.

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