3 Tips to Better Use Your POS to Keep Track of Your Clothing Merchandise

For retailers, inventory management can be a huge pain. If you’re like most retailers, then you’re probably not a big fan of doing physical counts of inventory. A tedious task, counting and keeping track of store merchandise can take hours. In fact, it may require some merchants to close their stores temporarily.

The problem is that keeping track of and taking count of merchandise is a must for every retailer even if they find it as the ‘worst’ job in the world. However, if not done right, performing regular inventory counts, and staying on top of stock levels can eat up a lot of valuable time and force you to do wasteful manual work.

For this reason, you need a POS system for your business that provides your employees with the knowledge, tools, and training to effectively keep track of your merchandise and stay on top of stock control. From research, we have found that there are many retailers that continue to track inventory in Excel spreadsheets and on paper. These manual processes are highly inefficient, and they make your inventory management prone to human error.

However, the good news is that a large portion of these retailers is starting to look for a POS system that supports inventory management. Today, you will find a retail POS system that makes tracking your merchandise easy. With a retail POS system, you can not only keep track of your clothing merchandise, but you can also make viable buying and selling decisions based on precise inventory analytics. This is to ensure that merchandise plans augment your business’ strategic targets, and help generate analytical forecasts beyond the confines of immediate data.

If you want to use this retail POS system to maximize lifecycle pricing, optimize every possible pricing scenario, and boost return on inventory management, then you may want to consider the following tips to better use your POS to keep track of your clothing merchandise:

1. Set up Your Merchandise Correctly

Your employees will have a hard time keep track of your merchandise if your system is disorganized or if they aren’t fully comfortable with your POS system. This is the reason you must set up your merchandise correctly in the system.

2. Set the Right User Permissions in Your POS System

This is important to minimize losses in your business and maximize security. Also, by simplifying what they’re allowed to do in the system, user permissions in your POS system will allow employees to stay on top of inventory or clothing merchandise.

3. Use the Right Tools

Every great system has tool that back it up. For this reason, you must find the right tools to use in your POS system to help employees stay on top of inventory.

We suggest that you choose tools recommended by the POS solution, especially with a system like NCR Counterpoint. This will ensure that the tools you are using are optimized for your particular POS system.

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