How to Attract New Customers in midst of Covid-19

Running your business during the Pandemic is like steering a ship though a storm. You never know when a huge wave might wash you away. You might have the best products in town, but if there are too few customers then your business might not live to see another day.

There is no trick to attracting new customers, but with our tips, you’ll be attracting tons of customers, allowing you to be build a thriving and steady business. Here are the top tips for attracting customers during the pandemic.

Talk to your customers

The situation is developing quickly, and nobody is very certain what news every day will bring. Customers can understand business owners confronting an emergency, as long as you speak to them appropriately. Inform your clients as to whether you’re shutting your entryways, changing your hours and what steps you’re taking to keep your representatives and workplace protected and clean.

If your store is shutting, inform your clients on your online media channels, through email and on your site. If your store is remaining open, portray the means you’re taking to moderate danger

Video streaming is the way forward

It’s time to go digital with your services to keep on giving exceptional services to your clients who are sitting at home, wishing they could support your business. Mentors, fitness coaches and even specialists are making themselves accessible essentially. Use a free online tool like Google Hangouts, Skype or Zoom to offer your services remotely.

Go live

For certain business owners, the greatest problem area has come from canceled events. Some of the biggest events got canceled because of the pandemic. But if you somehow manage to give your customers what they want, they you should have no problem in attracting new customers.

Know that most customers are craving amusement while being isolated at home. This is the place where Facebook Live or Instagram Live can prove to be useful.

If you have a product launch, store opening, or anniversary festivity arranged, move it to one of the live streaming online media channels. It’s an incredible method to keep your clients drew in while constructing generosity, just as to sell your items.

Offer an extraordinary discount code to the first 100 individuals who stream your live occasion, or make an “exclusive” BTS (behind the scenes) look for customers who are interested in your products. Get inventive with how you can pursue clients to feel more invested into your brand while being engaged from a distance.

Email marketing

Email marketing has proven to be one the best methods to attract potential customers. But, your emails need to custom made if you hope to generate a repose from them. POS Highway offers the best email marketing solutions for your retail business so you can grow and attract new customers even during these unprecedented times.

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