Analytics: What Can They Tell You About Your Winery

Wineries can be an extremely complex business to run let alone run successfully. A typical winery would be cultivating its own grapes, processing them using whichever technique they use, and then storing that processed wine in storage or bottles for aging. This stock is then sold or shipped all over the world to consumers or retailers.

Then there are those wineries that have restaurants or hotels where people can come and visit, to taste and enjoy their product.

As you can see that running a winery, keeping track of all these details, making sure everything is being looked after for is no easy task. One small problem can turn into a big one further down the line, costing the winery in terms of money and downtime.

To lessen the burden and actually help improve the business process, owners should look for ways to modernize their systems with built-in winery analytics. They can do this by installing new machinery, applying new technologies and installing a great POS management system. After all what good is new technology if it’s not helping your business?

A POS system is a Point of sale system that helps businesses manage inventories to keeping track of their sales. The data these systems provide would be defined as analytics. This is the data your winery is producing.

Production data

Your POS system will provide you with all the relevant analytics regarding the production process. This information can help you understand why you might be producing less wine daily. By identifying a problem, you can easily try to find a solution. The data produced allows you to do so.

Inventory Tracking

The analytics regarding your inventory could be regarding the time to stock up, your downtime, restocking delays, etc. The data can again show you where a problem may lie. What it can also do is help minimize costs even if you are running as smooth as before you installed this POS system. Using this data, the management system can better organize how you inventory process is run.


Analytics are of no good if you are not making money. What’s the point of doing all of this, if at the end of the day you are not making any profit? Almost every businesses goal is to maximize their profit. And to do so you need to keep track of all sales made.

A POS management system won’t only keep track of this, it will present all the data in a presentable and easy-to-understand manner. By using sales analytics, you will always know where your business stands when it comes to profitability and make decisions to improve your sales.

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