Warehouse Management

Manage, Locate and Distribute Inventory Quickly and Efficiently

NCR Counterpoint Warehouse Management module functions to simplify your inventory receipt and distribution processes from a central warehouse to multiple stores. It also allows transfer of inventory between stores.

Counterpoint’s leading-edge purchasing, allocation and replenishment methodologies let you gain insight into your inventory and help you make better-informed decisions.

Mobile inventory management is designed for businesses of all sizes who want the flexibility of using a hand-held mobile scanning solution with built-in intelligence and ease of use to manage inventory. 

Product Categorize form groupings by brands, collections or seasons all of which allow for better performance monitoring. Along with its progressive analytics and reporting, this functionality ensures that your stores are stocked with the products your customers want, when they want them.

Time Saving Warehouse Management Key Features -

§  Distribute Purchase Orders, Received PO and On Hand Inventory Quantity

§  Distribute Inventory from Central Warehouse to Stores or Among Stores

§  Distribute Inventory By Color and Size

§  Auto-Fill User Defined Transfer Quantity

§  Allows Quick Distribution of On Hand Quantity, quantity on Open and Received POs

§  Generates Transfer Out Documents

§  Generates Picking List in Multiple Formats by Store, By Color and Sizes

§  Generates Barcode Labels and Tags by Stores