4 Ways to Better Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams

In order to achieve the highest pinnacle of business success, the sales and seo marketing teams need to work in tandem toward a common goal. While these departments often run separate from each other, it is important that they align their goals and business processes to best serve the overall needs of the organization. Here are four ways to better align your sales and marketing teams to bring about the best possible outcome.

Meet Regularly to Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Communication is key when it comes to aligning the work and philosophies of your sales and marketing teams. Without regular communication between the two groups, critical information will not be shared, and work will suffer. The sweet spot for meeting frequency is an issue specific to your company. Trial and error will help you to choose the frequency and duration of the meetings to yield the most positive results.

Invite Marketing Staff to Sales Calls

It can be challenging for the marketing team to devise a successful promotion plan without fully understanding the needs of the client. One of the best ways that you can equip your marketing team with the knowledge that they need is to invite them on sales calls and to client meetings. If they get to know the client on a personal level, they will glean a better understanding of what they need to do to market more effectively. This way the sales team and the marketing teams will both be on the same page and they can more easily do their jobs.

Standardize Marketing Content

Sales reps spend up to 30 hours every month making their own materials. Standardizing this marketing content and production of materials will facilitate better communication between the two teams. Making better use of existing marketing materials and point of sale software can free up the time of sales reps so that they can focus their efforts on the client and their needs. Using these materials that are already available will likely save you money in the long run, since your sales reps won’t be spending time making their own materials.

Have Fun

Creating a fun working environment will encourage more interaction between the two teams. For example, you could organize trust-building activities, office fitness program competitions, and throwing office parties for holidays. These kinds of activities will allow the teams to get to know each other on a more personal level, and could even foster some in-office friendships.

If these two departments feel comfortable interacting with each other on a personal level, positive work interactions and more collaboration will naturally follow. Managers need to make the effort to plan fun activities that encourage socialization and teamwork between the two teams in order for them to work most effectively together.

Moving in unison to reach all of your business goals will only happen if the sales and marketing teams are properly united. Taking the time to ensure that this alignment happens will pay off big dividends down the road for your business.

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