4 Simple Ways to Keep Customers Engaged in Your Sneaker Consignment Shop

One of the biggest trends to rise in recent history has been the interest in collecting sneakers. People have always paid a lot for well made designer shoes, especially formal ones. As times have changed, so has the interest of the public. Now sneakers are looked at more than just footwear bought out of necessity and instead seen as a fashion statement. With designers and high-end brands entering the market, this demand is being met through sneaker consignment shops.

We know that there is an interest in purchasing sneakers, but how can we turn that interest into actual sales? One way is by increasing engagement with your brand.

How often have you noticed people walk in to your store and leave without buying something? It’s pretty common these days, but our goal is to convert as many people walking in to the store into actual paying customers. Here are 4 ways that you can increase customer engagement in your store.

1. Display

Sneakers in today’s world are first and foremost about their visual appeal. Stores can no longer get away by just placing shoes on a rack and expect people to buy them. You should be creative in the way you display your sneakers.

With designers getting more involved in creating unique and expensive shows, your display of them should highlight these attributes. Oneway to do that is through creating a special display platform, like the ones you see in museums. This creates a sense of awe, which can lead to customers staying longer in your store looking at these displays. This is just one example out of the endless possibilities you have in front of you.

2. Customization

A recent trend amongst sneaker aficionados is the customization of sneakers. People are willing to pay much more if they can geta pair of sneakers the way they want. People like products made only for them, making them unique. You can use this sense of personalization, creating a different way to keep them engaged in your store.

So, another way to increase engagement would be through a customization booth or digital display. People will be able to design their shoes, ranging from colors to the type of the sneakers, all from a large digital screen. This interactive experience is likely to convert a windowshopper to an actual one.

3. Service

Along with the demand for a personalized product, there is also a demand for a personalized shopping experience. People like it when they are given special attention and catered to while visiting a store.

This can be more than just simply answering their queries. Their whole experience at your store should be fast and efficient. This experience is part of the service you will be providing. From the moment they walk in, they should be able to easily walk over to the sneaker category they are interested in.

When they want to try on a pair, their size should be quickly brought to them, which can be achieved though a well organized inventory. Finally, when they are ready to leave, their checkout should also be fast without any hiccups. All of this is possible through the integration and use of a POS system. This will help you better arrange your inventory and display so that you can bring your customers to the final purchasing stage.

4. Rewards

Another way you can increase engagement in your store is through rewards. By incentivizing customers to make purchases by rewarding them, theyare more likely to purchase a good. A type of reward you can offer is a raffle ticket with every purchase, giving them the chance to win a special edition ofa pair of sneakers. Again they are no limits to what you can do with a rewardsystem, and it can be easily implemented through your POS system.

In conclusion, engagement is a way to drive up sales and you should be willing to try new ideas to achieve this growth. A sneaker store can play with the idea of their displays and a customer’s journey in their store to keep a customer interested. In the end, it’s all about how interested your customers are and if you can increase that interest then you should absolutely do whatever you can.

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