3 Display Strategies That Improve Product Sales

Movies, cell phones, internet, and video games all excite a customer’s vision throughout the day. These are all your competition for appealing to a potential customer. In today’s visual world, it has become important to be deliberate when choosing a retail display location, what to display, and how to keep a fresh, stimulating look.

Strategic Location Selection

This source explains that the first two locations in your retail store that catch your customers’ eyes are window displays and the entry. These two displays broadcast to repeat customers and potential new customers what your business is all about. These areas should showcase products that you are promoting and that you want to be associated closely with your business. To keep the displays fresh, they should be changed every month or even every week depending on the frequency of customer visits. Customers will notice and appreciate your attention to an appeal to their senses.

Pick Products You Want to Stand Out

This source suggests being aware of how displays appear compared to those surrounding them can help with strategic display placement. Set up your retail displays with deliberation and thoughtfulness. You may want to feature in a display an item with a strong margin. Another choice could be a product that just does not sell well on its own when blended in with other items on a shelf. Some products will be sought after by your customers and move on their own without a feature display and others will not. Alternatively, you may want to have a retail display that is bright, uplifting, and eye-catching without consideration of margin or selling strength.

Seasonal Displays

The third type of display is one that changes with the season. The variety appeals to customers and this approach will help assure that the display is fresh and changes often. A display that features reds and greens and giftable products can evolve to items that a customer is more likely to use during the stay-at-home winter months. Spring can highlight Mother’s Day, graduation, and Father’s Day. In the summer, options for displays are vacation time and outdoor activities. Fall brings the need for back-to-school themes. An appeal to a customer’s eye with a seasonal motif will be appreciated and will boost sales.

Give your customers a show with creative, exciting displays. Put your products up front with entry-way and window presentations. Carefully pick the items you want to promote and keep it timely with weekly, monthly, or seasonal changes.

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