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NCR CounterPoint Point of Sale Software & Retail POS Systems

NCR CounterPoint POS Software & Retail Point of Sale Systems

In specialty retail it's not enough to market great products any more. Your need to differentiate yourself in a highly aggressive industry where you are competing against large chains and serving a demanding, price sensitive and internet-savvy clientele. Fortunately, POS Highway makes it easy to build a rewarding retail business. 

How much does NCR CounterPoint Software cost?

NCR Counterpoint base software sells for $1,190.00 per license. Each optional software module such as Credit Card, Accounts Receivable and Offline Ticket Entry are priced at $190.00 per module.

How will NCR CounterPoint Software help my business?

  • Increase sales and reduce costs
  • Execute transactions efficiently
  • Optimize operational performance with back office capabilities
  • Customize to your business needs
  • Install in one store or a chain of stores
  • Track your inventory and customers
  • Control your purchasing
  • Retain detailed sales history
  • Open an online store

"Run your Business, Connect with Customers, Sell Anywhere!"

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HI-D2550 Retail Point of Sale (POS) Touch Screen Terminal, Amazing visuals and blazing performance.
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NCR CounterPoint Retail Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory Management Software
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Complete Retail POS System Bundle- One NCR P1530 POS + PC Server, Two CounterPoint Software Lic, POS Peripherals
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NCR CounterPoint is the POS of Choice for Over 30,000 Stores

NCR CounterPoint is the Point of Sale Choice for Over 30,000 Stores